Our firm was founded at the time of the changing of the political system (at the beginning of the 1990s) by József Molnár, with the support of his sons, Rudolf Molnár and András Molnár. We have several employees  and together we have been manufacturing a wide range of forged products, from table decorations to 100-meter long fences, applying highly developed forging techniques – we can produce basically everything that can be made of metal. 

József Molnár, as the master  the Hungarian Iron Forging Guild, takes a great part in the development of the forging trade in the country.

The managing director of our company is Rudolf Molnár at present, who designs all forged works using computer programs, which is a unique method in the whole country.

Our goal is to combine real forging techniques with modern metal-working procedures in a way that it can meet the highest standards all over the world.

It is important for us that all of our customers should get unique products if they wish, which  either follows the old classic style or can be modern, but at the same time, forged. 

We only work to order. We make computer designs and costs calculations on the basis of previous personal assessment and online correspondence. Naturally we will not charge you for this. We manufacture for countries all over Europe, distance cannot be a problem for us.

Our works are:

  • everlasting works of art
  • even your grandchildren will appreciate them
  • you will take them with you even if you move to another place
  • other people in your enviroment will value them
  • they are of real artistic value
  • and will be the gems of your house